Greg Hewett


Full of wit, touching, introspective- Blindsight finds Hewett becoming a parent and occupying middle age with a sense of calm and inevitability.

In poems that are full of wit, touching, and introspective, as well as formally inventive, we find the poet losing his sight, becoming a parent, and occupying middle age with a sense of calm and inevitability. Hewett draws inspiration from the grand and the mundane, the abjection and joy of creating a vision out of blindness. These poems will change how you perceive the world.

“I was utterly blindsided by Blindsight, so aurally and intellectually seduced by its prime and primal rhythms and organization that I was unprepared for the ferocity of its content, the ‘divine funk’ of its spiraling queer-otics, the shattered mending of its desirousness, and the profundity of its vision of losing vision. If Wallace Stephens’s spirit object was the wilderness-organizing jar in Tennessee, Hewett’s is ‘a condom, unfurled and full,’ which ‘holds dominion over this satellit world.’ Even in this deeply literary collection, Hewett expresses a renegade distrust of the mechanisms of lan- guage: ‘Take blindness as metaphor, /​ you say, but I say /​ take metaphor as blindness /​ deforming life to get at /​ the idea behind life /​ tires me.’ Always, he seeks the pulse of the unsayable prime beneath words, the visible vision in ‘blindness deep and far.’”
–Diane Seuss

Selected Works

"Hewett is a poet desperate to know- that "knowledge" is never cheap and always comes at great cost is of no importance because, if anything, his poet mistrusts simple vision, he aims deeper, darker. The stakes are high for this poet and his gamble pays off stunningly."
–Kazim Ali
“Hewett is a master architect of the poetic suite…stylistically inventive, provocative and illuminating.”
–D.A. Powell
The Eros Conspiracy is an urbane, sophisticated meditation on sexuality, politics, and history….”
–Carolyn Forche
“A luminous and alluring book, artful in the best sense of never advertising its art….”
–Bruce Bond

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