Greg Hewett


A penetrating, richly metaphoric survey of the human landscape.

Through exploring the cultural terrain of Italian opera, the infrastructure of civilization, and the body’s intimate topography, Greg Hewett excavates the fields where humanity has erected its monuments, fought its battles, and sowed the seeds of both redemption and ruin.

“for everyman’s a remainderman
every boundary evidence
every terminus implication
and every acre dark”

Selected Works

"Hewett is a poet desperate to know- that "knowledge" is never cheap and always comes at great cost is of no importance because, if anything, his poet mistrusts simple vision, he aims deeper, darker. The stakes are high for this poet and his gamble pays off stunningly."
–Kazim Ali
“Hewett is a master architect of the poetic suite…stylistically inventive, provocative and illuminating.”
–D.A. Powell
The Eros Conspiracy is an urbane, sophisticated meditation on sexuality, politics, and history….”
–Carolyn Forche
“A luminous and alluring book, artful in the best sense of never advertising its art….”
–Bruce Bond

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