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Greg Hewett


Greg Hewett is the author of Blindsight (Coffee House Press, 2016), darkacre (2010), The Eros Conspiracy (2006), Red Suburb (2002), and To Collect the Flesh (New Rivers Press, 1996)—poetry collections that have received a Publishing Triangle Award, two Minnesota Book Award Nominations, a Lambda Book Award Nomination, and an Indie Bound Poetry Top Ten recommendation. The recipient of Fulbright fellowships to Denmark and Norway, Hewett has also been a fellow at the Camargo Foundation in France, and is a professor of English at Carleton College. He is currently finishing a biography of the film noir actor Thomas Gomez.

Recent Reviews

From American Microreviews:
"Blindsight’s foci, personal and literary, filmic and artistic, represent a range of far and more recent pasts. These poems are interested in the contemporary moment so much as it is the site of their reflections. Yet these poems firmly resist nostalgia. Their speaker is caught between the desire to make a record and the insistence that all records fail, and that their failure, the gaps of what’s unseen or unseeable, is interesting and necessary."

From MinnPost: "Carleton professor and Minnesota Book Award winner Greg Hewett offers five mini-collections of contemplative and highly accomplished poems in darkacre (Coffee House Press). He takes the long view of life and history, calling in ancient civilizations to make sense of our own, or imagining hidden worlds, the flip side of our own."

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Selected Works

"Hewett is a poet desperate to know- that "knowledge" is never cheap and always comes at great cost is of no importance because, if anything, his poet mistrusts simple vision, he aims deeper, darker. The stakes are high for this poet and his gamble pays off stunningly."
–Kazim Ali
“Hewett is a master architect of the poetic suite…stylistically inventive, provocative and illuminating.”
–D.A. Powell
The Eros Conspiracy is an urbane, sophisticated meditation on sexuality, politics, and history….”
–Carolyn Forche
“A luminous and alluring book, artful in the best sense of never advertising its art….”
–Bruce Bond

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